Precepts for a Good Life


by prioritizing mental wellness and physical fitness


in relationships, ideas, opportunities, and time


through conversation, reading, and experience

Latest Posts

  • When Life Has Other Plans
    “I am not telling this story to solicit pity or tout my past achievements. I am telling this story to illustrate that even when everything seems to be going right, even when everything is going exactly as planned, even when you control and optimize as much as you possibly can…”
  • The 23 Books I Read At 23
    When I turned 23 last year, I made it a goal to read 23 books before turning 24. These are the books I read, along with my attempt at a one-sentence summary and a quote from each…
  • Dear Dad
    “Thank you for teaching me how to learn and showing me what it means to really think; to question my assumptions and be humble about my ignorance…”


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