My name is Kallman Parry and I have always known that I want to do two things in my life:

  1. help other people suffer less
  2. be a dad

That first thing is the reason I started this blog. I write a lot, and sometimes I find that I have useful or helpful things to say. Observing and listening are two strengths of mine, and on occasion I have mildly profound realizations. When I write them down, I find these insights useful to revisit for myself. I will share some of those insights here with the hope that they will help you in some way. If anything I write here is comforting, thought-provoking, or revelatory for even just one person, I will consider this blog a success.

I write to think; to reflect; to feel to remember; to forget; to see patterns; to find gaps; to believe; to reject; to understand.

As a more introverted person, this blog is one of the better ways for me to share my inner dialogue and start conversations around the topics I consider important.

In short, I am here endeavoring to make sense of it all and include anyone who wishes to join me on the way.

Kallman currently works in management consulting and resides in Washington, D.C.

Photos by Cecily Parry and Noah Evans.


Any and all views expressed throughout this website are mine alone. They do not represent the views of my employer or other affiliations.